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Acrylic Blanks

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Cast Acrylic Craft Blanks

Perfect for vinyl applications, sublimation, and epoxy projects! Available in a selection of colors to Choose From.

Special Features:

Made from high quality cast acrylic material, these blanks provide a smooth and flat durable surface and flexibility for a variety of applications. Cast acrylic can handle higher temperatures, making it the perfect canvas for sublimation.

Vinyl Applications:

Acrylic craft blanks are perfect for vinyl applications. Whether you’re creating your own signs, lettering, or decorations, the smooth acrylic ensures that your vinyl adheres flawlessly.


If you love sublimation printing, these blanks are your best friends. Their porous surfaces allow for the elegant transfer of vibrant colors and intricate designs.

Epoxy projects:

Acrylic blanks are also compatible with epoxy resin. Create stunning coasters, keychains, or jewelry pieces by dipping your design into crystal-clear resin.

Color Contrast:

Choose from fun colors! Whether you prefer classic neutrals, bold hues, or pastel shades, there’s an acrylic blank to match your look. Sweet Pastels are available in eight colours to choose from and offers two beautiful finishes in one sheet, as one side is matt and the other side gloss.


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